Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 20: Your Fears

The one thing i fear above all is if i am doing the right thing,
following the right dream by being in grad school and getting an engineering masters
For a very long time i have had a passion for food, organisation, Love in short i wanted to be a wedding planner, and somewhere in the last one year i realized that i drift towards food more, i enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, creating something amazing out of a few ingredients, and i am so happy that i have a creative side.
I keep saying id go ahead and pursue this dream later, maybe go to culinary school and have a go at it, I'm just 23, i can have 2 dreams right?
I love being a computer engineer, i love the challenge it brings but sometimes i wonder if i am pushing myself too hard, engineering isnt exactly FUN! and i like fun, most successful IT people i know are the epitome of geeks, they have no social life, they read IT books all day, speak programming languages and live in front of their computers, but that's not how i am, so i wonder if i am really meant for this niche after all.
Can i really make to to that point of extreme SUCCESS with my current attitude???
i cant just finish grad school and then go to culinary school after all the money my parents have spent i should at least give it a try and make it work.
I am so scared that after all the years time and money spent on this career path, maybe its the wrong one?


uduak said...

I think you can explore both, for you to be reading engineering means you have a thing for it, you can balance both.

Giagerry said...

Ahah problem nor dey nah, at least u have some sort of creative side and an interest to pursue. Like uduak said, I think u can balance both.

doll said...

i think you shouldn't worry about this, i used to but God sorted me out, just trust God and leave it to him, he is the master planner and even if you don't practice as an engineer, your degree can never be a waste of time, comes in hangy despite anything! cheers

@ilola said...

My advise, never give up on your dreams and what gives you fulfilment and satisfaction, no matter how young or old your are

BBB said...

thanks guys
id def keep both dreams alive

Blessing said...

yup you can def do both!!!

Vickii said...

You can have as many dreams as you want hun! My advice would be pray, dedicate all your dreams into God's hands, tell him what you're unsure of, your concerns and ask him to guide you. Then relax (Because it is no longer your problem), listen and look out for His responses and continue doing the things you love to do and your job to the best of your ability :)

And please blog food and recipes occasionally. Thanks!

uduak said...

I think you can explore both, for you to be reading engineering means you have a thing for it, you can balance both.

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