Wednesday, August 17, 2011

THe Fabled thoughts of the "1"

I'mma be real with you diary,
I kinda feel fuzzy around her
Why do i have the urge to say the right words
To elicit the perfect smile
Why do i have the need to question my last speech
And make it truly my last speech

WHy do i want to write her out in perfect pieces
Have a symphony lull her being
ANd speak her truths to all blessed with hearing
She strikes me as 1 of a kind
Nah would i say that soonest about some other
Are you Me Lady?
Is u The 1?
cliche isnt , THe Fabled thoughts of the "1"
but i believe every fable wrought
There's gotta be something In There
There really must be a 1 
I've been waiting, IS the Wait-End here?
I dont know

Its been crazy
I gotten a bit mixed up with hers
Gone to extents you wouldnt ever have wanted me to lean towards
But i hope you understand my heart
Like i say i meant no harm
But then My Meant hit harder than the harm
Heck! Everytime it tore me up
Everytime it hurt me THE most
I couldnt bear but hurt
I couldnt bear hurling a heart like husk
bUT I DID; Ungentmanly Much
I hope you are okay though
As frightening as it may sound
I Hope u havnt met me; 
Yes i hope u havent met ME

Well then i guess imma have to deal with that
But most of all
Know this
I would love to dance the Night with you
Look in ur eyes UnAshamedly
Unabashedly squeamish as u peered back into mine as well
I hope 4 that place
At Mountain Heights when 
U can Come Away with me
BE my Holmie
My Cheeky Twin
Mi Cara Mia.
I miss U
TAke ur Time tho,
Dnt rush
But Pretty please come in Time

CC Dear God

A friend sent this to me, but not for me :)
i just thought it was precious


Beautiful said...

lol...for a second when i kept seeing "her", "her", "her" i thought, "ghen ghen, "Laurenta" is coming "out"" lol!

awww me likey.

Blessingsoutlet said...

I with Beautiful...I was so confused! lol

Hannah said... is precious

Giagerry said...

Buhahahahhah! Lets just say Laurenta is as straight as the word straight! Lol, but then again only her knows abi? LoooL! *runs and hides*

Myne Whitman said...

It is indeed very good.

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