Saturday, August 27, 2011

Count your blessings name them one by one

I promised myself that my next post will be a thankful one
I have never done a thankful post on this blog, and i sure do have a lot of things to be thankful for
This year has been one roller coaster ride for me
I cant even believe its already the last third of the year *sigh*
Id just jump right into it

1) Thank God for my dad who has been in Nigeria by himself since January, he has never been apart from my mum since i was born, but this year he has lived alone, cooked his meals, taken care of himself and i know its God, that man never cooked his own meals my 23years on earth. Thank God for taking care of him, giving him good health and protecting him from all harm.

2) Thank God for my mama, the strongest woman i know, the things she has done for us this year, all she has sacrificed to give us a better life, uprooting herself from her top position in Nigeria to start again just because of her kids, this year i have respected my mother more than ever, Thank God for the strength he is giving her to keep this family strong, to work and still have time to go to school and take her pharmacy exams, thank God that the results came in and she passed the first one at her first attempt even with all the stress she is going through.

3) Thank God for my sister and my brother, i am so proud of them, adapting well to their new life, my brother graduated from middle school with honors and a medal even though he was only there 6months. My little sister having to start university again after finishing her 2nd year in Nigeria, but taking it all in stride and putting her all in school, facing Mathematics finally head on and defeating it, God definitely has them in the palm of his hands

4) Thank God for friendship, *sigh* friends, i am indeed blessed, some days i talk to some people and i just pause and say to my self, "i have good friends", even with all the hiccups and the quarrels, this year my true friends have come alight, old and new alike, God has blessed me immensely with beautiful people.

5) Thank God for academics, this summer i took my thesis head on and i make headway, i faced my fears and struggled my way out of difficult situations, Last semester, being out of university for 2years, i was so rusty, not to talk of the fact that i was running on a Nigerian Undergraduate education, amidst warnings from my advisor, i took on 3courses instead of 2, and with all the stress, sleepless nights (even till now i cant sleep before 3am) i still made A's in all 3 of them. I cant thank God enough, i don't know how he blesses me ,or why he blesses me, but he is right there every single time pushing me on.

6)Finally, i thank God for all the attempts at love i have had this year, for those that hurt me and those that i hurt alike, for those that gave me reasons to doubt my sanity and those that were pushovers, i thank God because i am here standing, stronger, wiser and still with a huge heart.


@ilola said...

Thank God for your sacrificial family

Beautiful said...

hehehehehe and thank God for me :p

Doll said...

Praise God. that is a lot of stuff to be thankful for

Myne Whitman said...

Awww..I'm so thankful with you and for you, especially for your academics.

Hannah said...

Thank God

LohiO said...

Where is the i am thankful for Lohi part...KMT!!!! lol

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