Wednesday, September 28, 2011


People getting engaged left right front and center
i have to keep reminding myself that i just turned 23 a couple of months ago
and with my Phd in view, marriage isnt exactly top of my list
then again i think about the fact that there isnt even a prospect, no one that i can say maybe i will marry this one,
maybe this one might be the person in a few years time.

The funny thing is that i am not bothered, like really, at a point i was, but now i'm too busy with school and work to even worry about man, of the lack-of-one thereof.

The best thing about my friends getting engaged, is that i feel they are the girls that deserve to, it makes me happy that good loving girlfriends still end up winning and strong hardworking women still end up winning, and  goal oriented young ladies making things move in the society still end up winning.
I find solace in that fact, because it means i too will win, id find the guy that loves me for me, isnt intimidated by a Phd or a girl who knows her worth, pays her bills and still loves him unconditionally.

I'm really happy for my girls, they deserve to be happy, and when i see how they treated their man, i realize that who i am, the girl that cares, and loves and is 100% there, is not a bad thing, because that's who they are and still, they found guys that appreciated them.

Life is funny, and how much i grow everyday amazes me.

Happy Married Life E and F
Its Gods Blessings this time for sure.


@ilola said...

All the best in your Phd. Its good that you know what you want and you are going for it

LohiO said...

\________________ :D

Doll said...

still very young...not that any age is old. when it comes it comes...

Laurenta said...


Laurenta said...

abeg shift

Laurenta said...

thanks dear

DamiOkuneye said...

Hi, was wondering, is phd fulltime or can i work and still do a phd at te sametime? Are you on twitter?

Laurenta said...

it can be fulltime or part-time, depends on what you are registering for, way longer when its part-time though

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