Monday, November 28, 2011

Remembering Who he is to me

A couple of weeks ago my housemate and i decided to start trying different churches in our city, when i moved to Ottawa in January, i automatically started going to the church my friend attended because it was convenient, it was winter and she has a car, so going with her was an obvious choice lol.

Lately though i started to discover that my relationship with God has just got some notches down this year, i hardly pray (except i need something) i hardly read my bible, in fact i haven't read it in MONTHS, ( and opening to read a passage in church does not count), i had started this year on a good note, i fasted in February and i was really developing a steady relationship with God.

I didn't pay tithe once this year, from 2007-2010 i didn't miss paying my tithe, this year though i just totally let it go, sometimes id feel guilty, other times id just shrug it off.

2weeks ago i attended a church that actually spoke to me, i felt Christ inside there, i remembered who he is to me, I knelt at that altar and remembered and i felt ashamed, its so sad how much i declined in 2011, i wouldn't call this a winning year at all.

Suffice to say, i might have found a new church, its quite far from my apartment and since its winter its not going to be funny getting there in the cold, but id make sure  try my best.

Im trying to make a resolution to myself to remember who Christ is to me.
The lover of my soul.

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