Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SNOW!!!! Love it, Hate it.

View from my Bedroom, Its a White white world

I havent been here in a hot minute, really do not have a lot of excuses, Lots of things have happened to me and i could have blogged about them i just got tooooo lazy.
No need to start a shoulda woulda coulda sob story, im just going to continue from where i left off.

Had the first Snow of the Season in Ottawa today, Let me tell you i have this fierce Love-Hate relationship with snow, Its beautiful so i love it, Its cold *duh* so i hate it, Its serene, white and calm so i love it,

Trees with Snow remind me of Christmas, oh  how i love Christmas

Its slippery and disguating when it melts so i hate it, I love when snow flakes flutter to the earth, but i hate when the snow makes you lose balance and you fall splat on the gorund *X_X* last winter was pure hilarity.
Yup someone will definitely be falling today

Anyway, woke up to the beauty of the first snow, right now its -4deg , feels like -8, anyone in Canada knows to check the feels like temperature before the actual temperature here, what it actually is, is just a load of bullcrap, its what it feel like that is important, LOL

Busting out my winter boots today, i splurged a 100bucks on them last winter, lets just say, they will be around for a long time coming, lol,

BOO!!!! to Layering, Id be the girl out there wearing, a tanktop, teeshirt, sweater and jacket today, lets not forget the tight under my jeans, and double socks I have no intention of falling Ill this time. Last year wasnt even funny.
Something else i hate about snow??? having to wear gloves and trying to use my touch screen phone or tablet with it. *no bueno*

T-20days to Nigeria, Im Psyched!!!!!!!!!

Seriously who doesn't love a snowman , Some students from their inner children at my UNI


Yellow Sisi said...

hehe the snowman is cute, the winter snow scenery is beautiful but definitely hate walking, driving or whatsoever in the snow...I'm joining you in the count down :)

Infinitelifefitness said...

def HATE the snow

Laurenta said...

Yay to Naija,
Driving in the snow is the worst

Laurenta said...

thanks for stopping buy

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