Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10years from now

10years from today, i will be living my dream
Picket fence, 2 children, handsome husband, ...................... *screeeeeech*

10years from today i will be living my dream
only its not the typical female dream
i never close my eyes and imagine a husband, two kids, a huge house, yearly vacations, .........all that
i just imagine success, peace, joy, smiles, laughter, family

10years from now,
i'd be established, money wont be a problem
i'd be happy, i'd be completely independent
i'd be debt-free, i'd be living in a well furnished amazing house with the love of my life
and maybe kids, maybe not, that is not the most important thing

10years from now,
i want to be happy
i want to be stress-free
i want to be filled with joy

10years from now
My engineering career would have blossomed, id know my place in the world
My culinary career would be developing,
That dream of having two dreams will be a reality
Wife, Mother, Engineer, Chef, Superwoman, Happy Woman, Smiling Woman, Beautiful........

All of that and more
10years from now, if i am still asking "Who am I"??????
then i made a mistake today.

Im not afraid of change, i embrace it, welcome it, I definitely want everything to have changed 10years from now


doll said...

i like....

I should do this too

Blessing said...

I love it! *smiles*

And this template is a keeeper

BBB said...

@doll i had fun writing it

@Blessing, lol maybe you should do it too, i could turn it into a tag, lol, yeah i love the template also, thanks :)

cheap designer perfume said...

Let's hope for the best dear. But please do something about it too. Dreams do happen when we exert effort to reach it.

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