Thursday, March 15, 2012

I think i might be an alcoholic

This is a serious issue, OK here is the thing, i drink my fair share of alcohol, whether wines, shots of vodka, gin, brandy, whiskey, i can hold my own, i've never been drunk, never thrown up, misbehaved all of that, so why do i think i have a problem?

Well here is why.......

I am obsessed with cooking with alcohol,
Wine reduction sauces
Whiskey, Pork immersed in vodka, think about it, I've tried it, and it was delicious

The recipe for today was gotten from The pioneer woman, BTW i just ordered her new cookbook, *rubs palms in anticipation* I really cant wait to dig into those delicious recipes

This particular one was a hit, i got both my house mates licking their fingers and men, my entire apartment smelt delicious

Peach-Whiskey Barbecue Chicken with a Caesar Salad and Pineapple Puree Dressing

The recipe for the chicken was culled from here, i made slight changes, i spiced up my chicken, with black pepper, onion powder, salt and seasoning before browning it; also, i tied a branch of herbs ( fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and parsley) together and boiled it with the sauce in the oven, it made a world of difference, You can Never go wrong with Fresh herbs.

The Pineapple puree Dressing was mine, i had tried something similar at the Korean restaurant last week, usually i never eat salads, i find them boring and tasteless and id have to load up on dressings to even be able to go through a bowl of salad, which totally defeats the purpose of eating healthy, but i tried this dressing and got sold on it, ask the waitress and she said it was a pineapple puree, so i got home and googled myself a recipe and OMG i reproduced that delicious healthy goodness,
Safe to say id be having a lot of salad in my life from now on, im even thinking i might be able to get away with trying other fruits and creating my own healthy dressings
lol Enjoy!!!
If you want a recipe for the dressing leave a comment.

BTW when Ree's book gets delivered, im thinking i might go all Julie AND Julia on it and recreate all the recipes, it will be a fun project and it'd be good experience for me for when i eventually go to culinary school,
I've realized i can try a lot of recipes and i don't have to like all of them, some are just plain nasty, lol, don't worry id always say the truth.

I got a surprise gift in the mail yesterday, my first Italian Cookbook from the SO, he realizes the huge passion i have for cooking and decided to support me, It was the best gift ever............
I live right by an Italian grocer, so of course you guys are going to be seeing a lot of Italian food, i just love all those Italian ingredients, the names make me feel sophisticated, like im in one country home in Italy with my Italian grandmother, lol



Myne Whitman said...

Without the pineapple puree, I'm n heaven. Lovely picture too.

Eddie Onyimadu said...

Um... Are you sure you are an amateur chef?

BBB said...

@Myne awww you dont like fruity dressings?

@Eddie, lol im def an amateur, thanks for stopping at my blog love

BSNC said...

Your excitement about cooking is infectious. Wine or whiskey is actually good, it helps with cholestorol ( in moderation sha lol)

doll said...

LOL....In italy indeed

Sabirah said...

your excitement about cooking makes me miss my cooking sooo much. i used to try at least two new things per week. after i moved to Lagos it became difficult finding ingredients, time, NEPA and sometimes money. sigh. i stopped cooking fun new things as often, Now i'm back in california and still not cooking much cos of my living arrangement and the diet of course.
Sigh what i'm trying to say is I reeeeally miss cooking

Vickii said...

This looks amazing! Your lucky flatmates! I'm torn as to whether to get the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook because while I LOVE her recipes, they're all on her blog which I follow and bookmark religiously!

BBB said...

haha they definitely are lucky, i got the cookbook because theres something about cooking from a book, so martha stewart of me, lol :)

TKO said...

hey bbb! can i have the recipe pls

BBB said...

there is a link to the recipe in the post, check the line just below the picture :)

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