Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aprils Geek

April Fool
Go to school
Tell your teacher - "you are a fool"
if your teacher beats you
Take your bag and runaway

..... That poem has been ringing in my head all day, i really cannot remember a successful april fools prank i played on anyone in my life time.

I am playing a prank on myself though, deciding that this month will be the month to stop acting a fool and start taking things serious, ..... certain things
I have tons of school work to do, so how about April's geek, that's more apt for me, lol

its Day 1 after all, nothing like a fresh start to right mistakes and make sure that they are not repeated, made quite a few the last 4months

i miss twitter, haven't tweeted in almost a month, i decided i wouldn't tweet until i learn how to write a proper "useful" python code. lol, its kinda a way for me to push myself, sorta kinda, we'll see, made some progress in March, maybe April will be my peak


Myne Whitman said...

All the best in your school work :)

Blessing said...

Wow, you haven't tweet in almost a month? No wonder! I tweeted you about a week ago cuz I couldn't access ur blog....good job hun! Proud of you!!!

doll said...

wow! i can comment today!!!! your template is not Naija internet friendly

Happy new month!!!
Twitteraddict like you...that is major o!

femmelounge said...

oh well! certainly not in the kind of schools i went to, tell your teacher he is a fool and go back home with cane marks all over your body!
wish you all the best in your school, be back soon :)

BBB said...

Thanks myne :)

BBB said...

My sister i havent oh, been the hardest thing ever, but im proud of me too

BBB said...

lol, iyawo, but its such a cool template, when will naija stop falling my hand like this

BBB said...

lol, tha poem makes me remember pry school, we sang all sorts of nonsense :)
thanks for stopping by

doll said...

LOL. abi. yea, it is very cool. it loaded fast today though

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