Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not Blogging about Food

What do i do when i am not cooking and hence not blogging about food?
Well i daydream about all the things i could have cooked, write down lists upon lists in my not so little brown leather notebook about fancy named things id like to try and learn and experience.

This month i am not cooking at all, seriously getting restless, i miss cooking so much, well its my month of detox, eating just Vegetables and Fruits the entire month, don't talk about how unhealthy that will be, i beg to differ, plus i did tons of amateur research before embarking on it.
Today is Day 5 and its getting a little easier, i miss the feel of chewing though, and i am peeing like a pregnant woman, My main reason for doing this is because my weight loss journey has hit a plateau the last years and i am varying between a 5pound space that is beginning to piss me off.
Hence the drastic detox program I'm on.

Ok back to me missing cooking, i spent all of last night watching a Top Chef Canada Marathon, wonder why i was torturing myself, looking at all the beautiful food and salivating because i had to drink green juice instead of amazing food.
I did write a ton of recipes down that id be recreating and putting my personal spin on.
- Apple Slaw ( thinking i can get away with a pineapple puree in this instead of sugar and maybe some cubed chicken breasts)
- DUCK ( oh i seriously want to explore all i can do with this delicious meat)
- Pan seared Venison
- Thai Beef Curry
-Foie Gras sauce ( this is made from duck liver) supposed to be a delicacy, a very expensive one
-Garlic and Ginger chicken wings ( i might use turkey for this)
-Crab cakes, I love crabs, going to see if i can make a healthier version

i watched an episode where they had to use OFFALS to cook, Offals are what we know in Nigeria as Assorted, so the liver, heart, neck, kidney, intestines, tripe, things like that, most of the cooks were totally clueless on how to incorporate them in a meal, i also realized that apart from cutting them up and cooking a pot of soup, or maybe pepper soup i have no idea how to make a restaurant quality meal with Offal, Going to explore that when i start cooking again.
- I'm also thinking i should start trying my hands at appetizers, they are after all one of my favorite part of the meal, hor d'oeuvres are the BESTTTTTTT!

lol ok that's all , because i can sit here all day and write about food.


doll said...

a whole month! wow! good luck with that. It would definitely yield results if you can go through with it. Have a good easter celebration

Mikki said...

I use Offal for stir fry, kabobs,or suya "Motivators"...
hmm...had a thought about grinding and using the puree for something..

*mind whirling*

BBB said...

Someone actually made duck liver icecream and according to the judges it was a winner lol, talk about motivation

BBB said...

Thanks dear, it's hard oh, by Gods grace I'd get toI day 30

Blessing said...

a whole month wow! u go girl!...I couldn't do it!

'Lara said...

I ate duck in Malaysia, not bad but definitely not much difference between other bird meat.

One whole month of fruits and vegetables, I wish I can be like you...I seriously need to detox after all this roti and chapatti.

Happy Easter.

OAR said...

Wao you wld never stop amazing me its the month of MAY how did the detox go?

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