Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home and Away............. recipes

So since i combined all my blogs, You guys will be getting a lot of food recipes and pictures here, im still taking pictures with my phone and ipod touch for now, but the camera will be set up soon and i will have better food pictures.
Cooking is my favorite pastime, right after watching soccer and plain old female gisting lol, This year id be trying new recipes that i find online, and perfecting old ones that i learnt from my mother, i wouldn't be putting up the recipes though, maybe just pictures and ingredients and if you think its something you love, leave a comment and id edit and add the recipe to the post. i already have a few recipes posted, with the tag "recipes", and lots more will be coming up, because i basically cook something new and exciting every other day, so this will be verrry interesting and trust me i cook the most bizarre things, yesterday i tried plantain pancakes, watch out for that post soon

Today's post is a duet, i have an international dish and something from home (naija)
First off..............

Apple Cider Vinegar Braised Chicken Leg

Recipe culled from here

I had fun making this
i served it with a side of coconut rice and the chicken tasted perfect, just follow the recipe to the T, the sweet taste from the apple cider was the perfect compliment for the chicken, and the carrots tasted delish after braising...., i made mine with chicken legs rather than chicken thighs like the recipe says and im pretty sure you can use whatever part of the chicken you like.

Next up is......
Ukodo ( Yam in fish Peppersoup) and of course served with palmoil

My pictures are not so good X_X haha, im getting better though trust me, this was taken a few weeks ago when i went home for the winter break, My dad was really cold and i decided to make him some good old Ukodo for dinner, Peppersoup always cures the chills. I never make my peppersoup with the packaged spices, but you can do that too, i actually have all the seeds and i grind them myself, so its perfect and homely everytime.

Fresh Fish( i used tilapia)
Cameroon pepper( trust me this makes the difference, normal chili wont do the trick)
(Peppersoup spices and seeds)

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