Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fish and Cornflakes

Cooking fish is one of the things i love to do on a regular, probably because its one of the fastest protein to cook, Sea food in general can get over cooked really fast so they take way less time to cook than other proteins.
I really like salmon, i love how juicy it is inside, and how it retains its natural oil even after cooking, eating dry fish is annoying.

So today to kick off this month's cooking, I made a Crusted pan-fried Salmon with some veggies as a side.
The crust i created was a very interesting one, it was 70% Frosties and 30% breadcrumbs, YES CORNFLAKES!!!!!, mixing both gave me the right crunch, and the sugar on the frosties gave the fish the right caramelization for that extra oomph and sweetness of course. When i make meals like this that include some sort of carbs with the protein i usually just serve veggies as a side. This was really filling, when i served my friends at first they stared down at the plate and one even asked if this was a snack, lmao, Nigerians sha, by the time she was done, she looked like she ate an entire cow, hehehe.

Crusted pan-fried Salmon

1 Salmon Fillet
1/4 cup of Panko Breadcrumbs
1/2 cup of Kellogs Frosties
1 egg
2 tbsp of flour
1 tsp of ground garlic
1tsp of ground ginger
1 tsp of onion powder
1 tsp of ground hot peppers
Olive oil Spray
Salt to taste

4 sticks of Asparagus
Peeled Small Carrots 2
1/4 of a Yellow and Red Bell Pepper (Sliced)
Italian Seasoning
1tsp of butter

Crush the frosties lightly in a bowl, i used the bottom of a clean bottle, just crush till all the whole flakes are broken into tiny pieces, mix in the Breadcrumbs and set aside.
On a Flat plate mix flour, garlic, ginger, onion powder, salt and pepper and set aside
Whisk egg in a bowl.
Coat the Salmon in the flour mixture, shake until excess fall off and then lightly coat it with the whisked egg,
Then cover with the Breadcrumbs and Frosties mixture and refrigerate for at least 45 minutes.( it is really important to refrigerate for sometime so that the crumbs would stay in place when frying, this is the same for anytime you coat meat or seafood with crumbs of any kind.
Pre-heat oven to 400degC, Spray an oven proof  frypan lightly with oil spray and set to medium-high heat on a stove, Spray Fish with a little oil and then pan fry until crust is formed and becomes caramelized.
Place pan in the oven for 10minutes depending on how thick your salmon fillet is.
Bring out of oven and let it rest for 5minutes before serving.

Bend asparagus until it snaps at its breaking point and then rinse and blanch it in boiling water with the peeled carrots for about 4minutes, put butter in a pan and set to medium heat on the stove, add blanched vegetables and sliced peppers, add in italian seasoning and salt for taste and toss in pan for about 3 minutes. Serve.


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

i love fish....i should try your recipe...

Mikki said...

omg..that looks very good :-)
PLs overnight my portion!

Blessing said...

Mmmm...def gotta try this!

BBB said...

Thanks guys

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