Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quinoa, Roasted Grapes, Pecans and Dried Cranberry Salad

Hi Guys,
I know its been a bit, I took a break from cooking because last week was such a huge week, here is my last salad recipe.
Its the best that a real salad has to offer, Nuts for crunchiness, dried and fresh fruits for sweetness, some healthy protein grains, sweet tomatoes and of course baby greens.

Its a combination of two different recipes i found online, slightly modified to my own taste.
I used a honey-lemon dressing for this, and i found that i preferred the lack of creaminess of this vinaigrette to others that i had made, it was clean and not over powering. simple mixture of olive oil, honey and lemon juice with some salt and black pepper.

Recipe(serves 1)
Half cup of Grapes,
3 tbsp of quinoa
Handful of baby greens
2 tbsp of dried Cranberry
5 cherry tomatoes
2 tbsp of roasted pecan pieces
1 tbsp of Honey

Coat grapes with honey and put on a greased baking sheet in a preheated oven of 400degF, Leave for about 20minutes or until grapes begin to wilt, while grapes are roasting, boil quinoa in salted water until swollen and water evaporates, fluff and leave to cool down to room temperature.

Mix greens, tomatoes, quinoa, pecans. grapes and cranberry in a bowl and drizzle your favorite Vinaigrette.

I served this with grilled Salmon steak, id do a post on that later, it was marinated in one of the best marinades i have EVER made.

PS: My camera fell from my hands last night when i was taking this picture :(
the lens is bad now, and i am totally heart broken, It summer and there will be lots of pictures to take, plus food photography is just crappy with phone cameras, you might be seeing some crappy pictures till i fix it, so forgive :(

Next week is a combination of Chicken and French Cuisine, and i have lots of exciting dishes planned, shame that the pictures wouldn't be as amazing. :(

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