Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting close to the finish line.

This is supposed to be my last semester, (hopefully), and every day i get more and more nervous, there really is some sort of security with being a student, talk about all the discounts you get because people know you do not earn a lot, and the fact that not a lot is expected of you.
You can hide behind going for classes and preparing for exams to escape from the realities of life. No one asks you for anything and most people just conclude that as a student they should give you and not receive.

You would think that since its the second time i'm doing this, after graduating from undergraduate studies in 2008 that i'll be less nervous, on the contrary, the difference between then and now is so glaring, even i notice its a different ball game.
I finished my undergrad and went back to my fathers house in fact, it was almost as if i just went from schooling in the uni to schooling at home, he still gave me an allowance and i still depended on my parents for everything, unlike now, The past 2 years have taught me how to be independent to the T, i fend for myself, financially and otherwise, and the thought of moving back to my parents after school repulses me.

Starting to apply for jobs and attend interviews that scare me shit-less and make me so nervous, i start to wonder what the hell is going on, the idea that i might not get a job bothers and humbles me at the same time,  i know i have worked HARD and i deserve to be rewarded with a rewarding job.
Combining the stress of job hunting with concluding my thesis research and actually starting on the written part of the thesis is almost crippling me, im busy 247!!!, and the only things in my life that bring some sort of sanity is my cooking and the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world.
He is my biggest supporter, lol, dude has more faith in me than i have in myself.

As i draw closer and closer to the end of this chapter, I can only hope it gets easier............. eventually.


doll said...

i'm sure it would all work out. just put it in your prayers! good luck

dosh said...

I sooo get your point! The reverse is the case for me, i graduated from college in 2008 and has been working since but will start grad school this Fall. I'm scared my brain is rusty and freaking out that i won't get a job in time when i move and will have to depend on my mum for finances, work study is just a weist (20hrs max and mostly minimum wage).

Anyway, the Lord is your strength and believe it or not, you have even more options. You can cash in on your cooking and make some cash on the side. May the Lord bless all of your hardwork with success!

BBB said...

I hope so, thanks :)

BBB said...

I remember being i this position before i started, the first semester is always the hardest trust me, but your brain will catch up eventually, its like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to learn,.
Thanks for the encouragement

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