Friday, June 1, 2012

Lemon Garlic Bacon Chicken

This has to be the most fun thing i ever cooked, its one of Chrissy's recipes, The best part about it?, no measuring whatsoever.
It what i like to call an EYEBALLING recipe. You know all the ingredients, now just eyeball it all and dump it in a pan for baking, hehehehe.
Cant get this wrong, its literally impossible to screw this up, like Chrissy says leave all your measuring cups and spoons in a cupboard and TRUST her. Just do it, you control freaks, heres the recipe.

This is one recipe, that i DID not change at all, i used it exactly as is, and in trying to give Chrissy some traffic and respecting the author of such deliciousness.
I am not going to write the recipe here.
Go over to Chrissy's BLOG and let her school you on this, follow the link below.

My next post is going to be something from her blog as well, Im almost obsessed with her X_X
hope you guys are good


lovelife4sale said...

OMG that looks so freaking delicious....

BBB said...

lol, thanks dear, it was

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