Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lobster bisque

I had this on a cold spring night, it was the perfect compliment to the gloomy weather, made me feel all warm and gooey inside, the best bisque I've ever had, yummmmm, freshly toasted garlic bread, straight from the oven was the best side.

I have been researching the best bisque recipe for a while, too many people have their own ideas of how the best lobster bisque should be made, this is my spin on all the numerous recipes I found and it was delishhh

Recipe (serves 1)
2 lobster tails
1 cup of whipping cream
1 tbsp of minced shallots
1 tbsp of chopped green onions
1 tbsp of chopped carrot
1 tbsp of chopped celery
1 minced, garlic clove
1/4 cup of white wine
1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp of Tabasco sauce
1/4 cup of cooking Sherry
1/2 tsp of Paprika
1 and half cup of Chicken/Seafood stock
2 oz of Tomato paste
1 bay leaf
2 tbsp of Butter
Seasoning (i used knorr)

Garlic Bread
2 small Italian loafs, cut in halves
6 cloves of Garlic
1 tbsp of Olive oil

Boil, Fresh Lobster tails in a pot of water with seasoning and salt, for 5 minutes until just barely cooked, remove, Remove the tails from the shells and shred the lobster meat, keep aside.

Cut shell into pieces with a kitchen scissors, into fairly medium size pieces

In a pot, saute garlic, carrots, celery, shallots and green onions, add in lobster shells and stir until the onions begin to get translucent and soft, about 2 minutes

Deglaze the pot with White wine

Add in Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce

Deglaze again with the Sherry

Use a Cooking spoon to pick out lobster shells and discard.

Add in Tomato paste and Stock, Paprika and bay leaf and leave to boil until tomato paste is cooked, add a bit of water if it gets too thick.

Stir in whipping cream and butter and bring to a boil.

Pour mixture into a food processor/blender, ( i used the magic bullet), and blend smooth, pass the result through a sieve to produce a fine Bisque.

Return Bisque to pot and add lobster, bring to a boil until lobster is cooked through properly.
Taste for seasoning and adjust.
Serve with fresh Garlic bread

To make Garlic bread, put garlic cloves on a baking sheet and bake in a 450degF oven for 20minutes until cloves are very soft.
Press Cloves out of their skin and smear over Bread halves,
Rub butter on the bread.
Put bread under the oven broiler for 2minutes or until they just start to turn brown.
Make sure you watch them close, we don't want the bread burning.


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