Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's in your fridge?

Last night I had this sudden urge to go crazy in my kitchen, I had previously planned to skip dinner because I had a big lunch, but there I was watching masterChef Australia and all of a sudden I just had to cook.

Went into my freezer to see what options I had and I decided on turkey wings and shrimp, I had seen a recipe for Ina's mustard potatoes a while ago, looked really good, I couldn't really remember it but I decided to improvise, one thing I do know is that I can never screw food up. Lol
So I ended up making mustard potatoes with baked turkey wings, Panfried shrimp with a spicy yellow raspberry sauce and a sour strawberry sauce, because I always have a ton of fruit and it's the best way to add a sweet flavor to anything.
Protein and fruits are one of my favorite combinations well after alcohol, but yeah who is counting:)

I didn't measure anything, everything was totally by feel, and it took me about 1hr 30minutes to get it all done.

There were 5 components to the meal so yeah you'll agree that's a relatively short time.

Ingredients(serves 1)

Mustard potatoes

4 small pink potatoes
Half of small yellow onion
2 tbsp of dijon mustard
1 garlic clove
3 tbsp of olive oil
Chilli pepper


Turkey wings
4 cherry tomatoes
3 Thai chili
Sriracha hot sauce
Worcestershire Sauce


Marinade for turkey

Spicy raspberry sauce

Tabasco sauce

Sour strawberry sauce

White vinegar

Scrub the potatoes clean under running water and quarter them, in a ziploc bag, mix all the ingredients for the mustard potatoes together and leave to marinade.

To make the turkey marinade, in a blender or food processor, blend all the ingredients until smooth, baste turkey with the marinade, and made 3 incisions diagonally on both sides of the turkey, making sure that the marinade gets in there as well. Set aside.

De-vein and remove shell from shrimp, slice open shrimp from the back and until it opens into a butterfly shape, then soak them in the left over turkey marinade, set aside.

On a baking sheet, lightly sprayed with olive oil, empty contents of the ziploc bag, on one side, and turkey on the other, and insert into a preheated 390degF oven, bake for 50 minutes, take turkey out at 30mins and cover with foil paper to rest it.

In a small pot, mix ingredients for strawberry sauce together and leave to boil on medium heat

In another pot mix ingredients for raspberry sauce together and leave to boil on medium heat

Make sure to watch them so they don't burn, add a little water if it starts to dry up, you want to boil them until the fruits give all their color to the sauce and are very soft.

Puree both sauces individually in a blender and pass through a fine sieve to remove seeds and fruit particles, we want the sauce to be silky smooth.

Return both sauces back to their individual pots, leave to simmer, and reduce to your liking, then turn of the heat and stir in cold butter.

When potatoes are cooked, crisp on the outside but soft inside, serve with a fresh parsley.

i know this is hard because i didnt measure, but i did everything by feel, i will be willing to answer any questions, now i wish i at least took pictures as i cooked, i miss my camera. :(


Madame Sting said...

Ok madam, when r we going to get naija food on this blog?

I like that u r stepping outside d box sha!

BBB said...

lmaooooo, but i dont really eat naija food sha, :(
im all about cooking things ive never tried before
ive been eating naija food my entire life
frankly doesnt interest me at all
plus the thought of palm oil sends me running lmao

Rebirth said...

Thanks for putting this up.....will try it out

BBB said...

you are welcome, thanks for stopping by

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