Friday, June 11, 2010

The Proverbs 31 woman

I sit here pondering
i just read my bible
i tried to understand her
what the bible says
then i tried to picture her

who is she really?
Does she exist?
is there really such a woman in our generation

from what the bible says

a proverbs 31 woman is
- a woman that fears the lord
- an extremely hardworking woman, she has a job, she toils still she wakes early to provide food for her family
- she loves her husband extremely  does him good always, and he trusts her completely in return
- her mouth speaks only wisdom, not gossip as she is never idle
- she dresses well and makes sure her family also is dressed in he best of things
-she is definitely wealthy to be able to afford all this still she is humble enough to work with her hands at home sowing, washing and doing house chores
- she is not a gloomy woman, even with all she does she stills smiles and laugh at the days to come
 -she is not afraid of hard work, and she has wisdom at her finger tips

OK that's what the bible says
but is this the truth
do we really have women like this
a woman that will provide and still take care of the home
still love her husband unconditionally
without complaint

well that's what i strive to be

hard as it maybe to be a proverbs 31 woman
she is still the woman that is praised and blessed eventually

Interpreting this into contemporary times
a proverbs 31 woman would be
a woman who can balance  a job and a household in the right proportion
never letting any lack
a woman who is wise enough to put things in their right places,
charitable and free giving
and knows to still respect and love her husband and children above all

that's the woman i strive to be


Zoe Believer said...

Loved the beautiful simplicity of this post, yes these characteristics require us to step up our game but we are not alone, the Holy Spirit is working in us to do and will of God's good pleasure. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Great blog

miss.fab said...

You pretty much said it all. You're right that such a woman does not exist naturally (lol... unless she was a robot or a Stepford wife) but as Zoe Believer said, by God's grace, those qualities can be attained.

GoHard said...

loved it, may God help us women as we strive to be a proverbs 31 women!

Evee said...

I strive to be a virtous woman

Miss FlyHigh said...

I just tried to picture this women and I remember when I spoke to NoLimit and she was telling me about her friend that wakes up early and makes brekfast for husband and kids etc , takes them to school etc etc she has a long day but she makes it all possible and stil remains happy!

Lovely post sweety :)

BSNC said...

Amen to this post. God teach us to be like the woman in proverbs 31.

Jaycee said...

I liked this line,

"a woman who can balance a job and a household in the right proportion..."

This is an excellent the right proportion

It takes wisdom to balance things. Thanks for this BBB.

Writefreak said...

I believe she our persons as women as we yield ourselves to God...the bible wont record her if she doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...

She does exist, my mother is an example of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Gee said...

Loved it--brief and very straight to the point!
LOL @rethots
Goodjob BBB!!

jhazmyn said...

I'm yet to see the womanwho would read bout the prov 31 woman and not want to be a better woman.....

She sure knows who she is and this is what defines her...not society, not her family...nothing else but her knowledge of who she is in God....

I sure strive to attain her status

Tisha said...

She sounds out of this world. By his grace i will fulfil God's word and be a proverbs 31 woman of the 21st century

2cute4u said...

HAPPYBBB.. Yours was unique! I enjoyed it..
She does exist love.. so mant woman possess these qualities, you inclusive my dear..
Take care

Femme Lounge said...

i think it's all about giving our best in our different roles, its challenging, and we are not perfect, but we keep putting in our best.

Myne Whitman said...

I think she exists alright and we can also be her but only by the strength of God. I like how you brought it to the present, very realistic.

Lady X said...

As i went to the list I was mentally ticking off the ones I think are possible but when it got to the gossip bit a big X formed in my head. Is it possible to not gossip in this age? Even a little bit? All the other ones I think are very possible except the gossiping bit. Talking about celebrities counts as gossip right?

BBB said...

i have learnt a lot today also

this blogfest was the best ever

your opinion on it
has thought me a lot

now i know being a proverbs 31 woman is achievable

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's difficult to believe that such a "perfect" woman could exist, but I'm sure there are a few out there, and we all should aspire to be proverbs 31 women...I like your contemporary interpretation of "her"...

I wrote a piece on the Proverbs 31 Woman sometime last can check it out @

Fabulo-la said...

The question I have is; DOES SHE CRY?
Cause all y'all are talking about how she toils day and night and is her husbands warrior princess and yada yada yada..
But what abt the times she is weak???
Is she even weak at all??
Im confused..
Abi she cries in the closet?

Im dead serious yo...I really want answers to these questions..

NoLimit said...

Word!!! A wise woman she is...

BBB said...


does she cry??? of cos she cries, she is a woman like you and me, and am sure she struggles also, she has issues also, she does goes through the issues with grace, she cries am sure, and then she prays to God to "gird" her with strength to be able to face wateva it is that is thrown at her

she is no superwoman

Funms-the rebirth said...

I loved your take. We all wonder if we can be her, I'm convinced we can be by God's grace.

oluSimeon said...

the p31 woman is not a status that's attained like a degree but a character/attitude that's developed.. if we all see it that way.. i becomes a realistic target..
enjoyed your break-down of this...

Bill (cycleguy) said...

My take away was the same as Jaycee's. That is the one phrase that really jumped out at me. Liked the approach.


For this post, what I hold dear is the 'balance' part. A woman that can balance all the weights of the current life will live in and still be a loving wife to her husband and mother to her kids is surely worthy of praise. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

it's been a really long time i gave proverbs 31 a thought. wen i was growing up, i let that portion of the bible torture me. lol. as in, it was my personal depression-inducing verse. my dear, i'm learning to loosen up on myself. i don't have any more goals to be her. i just want to make it 2ru d day accomplishing d targets i set 4 myself, without having to have a model to look up 2 (& leave me wanting)

Berean Girl said...

In reference to your line about whether or not she exists... I think we women are never really there yet. Like we can't wake up one day and just say I'm finally there, I'm a proverbs 31 woman. We'll prolly strive to be her all the days of our lives. But as long as we aspire to be her in addition to the grace of God, thats good enough.

My world said...

babe *e-hugs*
cant find your e-mail address anywhere...

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

yup! The proverbs 31 woman does exist...that's one of my goals also!!!

mizchif said...

I just finished searching for your email. Cant find it.

And this is with regards to your latest post.

BBB said...

@mizchif my email is in my profile

Ms.O said...

babes are you ok.. dont worry let go and Let God. I will email you shortly.

Kafo said...

tried to post a comment on your most recent post Diary of a Mad Black Woman but the link does not exist

i can't relate but what i will say is that go through the stages ooooooooooo just make sure that you don't do anything you regret during that period.
if you need to cry, cry buckets, if you need to scream, yell until your voice gets hoarse
if you need to curse him out then do so but yeah
don't do anything irreparable that might have future negative consequences

so yeah
hang in there

Omotee! said...

hey, couldnt drop a comment on ur latest post.

so sorry this happened, i can imagine how u feel.

i do hope you go thru the stages and get to No. 5 on time. and like Kafo said, by all means do all u have to do to work it out of ur system, just dont do anything u'll regret later.
and by the time u get to stage 5, u'll be amazed at how strong u r.

hang in there, u'll be fine.

Nutty J. said...

Futher to ur post: Diary of a Mad Black woman...where i couldnt comment, I want to say its gonna be ok...I'm glad u have cried, remember I talked about it will be okay.

You are gonna find the strength to live without him. You will keep one dies from heartbreak. Just be strong and you will be fine.

Forget about revenge, cos if u think that way, it means he still has a hold of u even without him knowing. The best revenge is to forgive him, then make something better of urself...and you will be fine.

Let this pain make u stronger

Over_thinker said...

Just read thru allll the post in ur blog and all i can say is it is well....
You will get thru it and remember there is no point in wasting your emotions on hate, its not worth it

Over_thinker said...

Just read thru allll the post in ur blog and all i can say is it is well....
You will get thru it and remember there is no point in wasting your emotions on hate, its not worth it

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