Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.......It is well

I will be 23years this year, I wonder where time flew to, seems like yesterday that I was entering university.
Now I'm a graduate student, I feel so grown up, even though I'm making mistakes and learning from them daily, I guess that's what being an adult is about.
New challenges at my feet daily, when they arrive I just look up to God and draw strength to conquer.
He has been my ever present help in times of need,
The one thing I can say about the last 6months in my life would be the quality of people I have been around, people I have communicated with, young people that have a strong standing relationship with God, people who have inspired me, and taught me to believe, to trust, to hope and to acknowledge that through him and in him we are more than conquerors
Deep down, I am still a child, still have my fears, still have my worries, still handling them as best as I can, still have my hopes and my dreams. And as the days pass, I get closer to fulfilling those. It is Well

 I am a daughter, sister,friend,engineer, hopeless romantic
And I love Jesus with all my heart.

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Anya Posh said...

cute post!

doll said...

happy new year babes..

Hope you are all settled in Canada?


Myne Whitman said...

Happy BBB, happy new Year! You must be in Canada now? All the best in your studies and everything.

Beautiful said...

ehehehe razz geh, u finally decided to come on blogger. hmmm my "cousin", dat blue shoe as ur dp...i gats steal it o!

Blessing said...

Aww! I'm soooo happy for ya!

Jaycee said...


Anonymous said...

No matter how old we get, we'll all still be God's babies. Boy! It's so comforting knowing we can cast all our fears and worries upon him.

BBB said...

@anya posh thanks hun
@myne and doll, yes i am settled, thank God, i even started school sef.
@beautiful shebi they dont sell shoes in uk abi, remove ur eye from my shoe oh
@jaycee hehehe ur jealousing my love for Jesus abi :p
@koinonia you are so right, he is always there at all times for us

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