Saturday, February 12, 2011

Going Backout In the Dating Scene

When it comes to the issue of men , i find out that i am terribly inexperienced, being in one relationship for so long, every thing i thought i knew about "men" is actually about one guy, recently i kinda fell into "something" with someone that makes me realize just how clueless i am.

Not all men are the same and judging another by the standard of one man might be a huge mistake.
so in recent times i have been exposed to so many type of guys both through me and and through guys involved with my friends
1) the take-you-for-granted man: the one that feels cos u care you'd take crap. this one is disrespect on the highest order when he sees ur withdrawing he comes with the i love u bullshit again get the f@#k outta here with that crap
2) the hot and cold man, this one will treat you right one day and like crap the next, make you feel like you mean something one day and make you feel like a bug the next. Frustrating stuff i tell you.
3) the stay outta my business man, this one wants to know whats up with u but isn't ready to tell u anything about whats going on with him. he listens to all your story and gives you vague details about his.
4) the romantic guy, this one would have been perfect even if only he didn't cling too much, every second he is there being mushy, and extra sappy.
5) stalker guy, you talk one day and the next he loves you????? really FOH what?????
6) the I'm hot and you should be happy i am with you guy, do i have to expatiate???? this one just makes me mad
7) did i mention the you-pay-for-everything-man? the you order food today, pay for the pizza tomorrow, In naija am used to guys doing the paying, so coming here and seeing a guy that expects me to pay is kinda like bleh, i don't need you to pay for me but honey i aint your bank either, 50bucks today 20 dollars tomorrow, abi den write mumu for my head?
8)the younger than you guy, well i am 22 and when a guy is younger than me, imagine the level of immaturity, i  am a little fast for my age being that am in my graduate program this young but a 20year old dude i a serious no-no, i just cant handle that level of immaturity #tar

being in a relationship for so long i never came across such guys until recently,
i wonder did they just metamorphose or have i been blind since?????


Lara said...

They did no just metamorphose oh, they have been existing since, you have just been blind to such men.

Most of this men described here just make me mad and speechless most times and you wonder the kind of screws in their head

Good Naija Girl said...

You had been blind, sweetie! I'm not surprised that an intelligent cutie like you has been in this country for a minute and you're already dealing with all these different kinds of men (ok, I know not all of them have been experienced directly by you!).

As long as you're alert to the variations in the male species you mentioned, I think you'll be able to find the diamond(s) amidst all the crap! :)

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

My dear, they've always been there o. I've been in a rship for long time but from my friends who are dating I've seen/heard about diff type of girls.

Just take ur time and don't settle for patch patch man ;)

Miss Natural said...

these men have always been around, and in your case your blindness was almost a blessing. Who knows what you could have metamorphosed in if you had experienced such. Miss Enigma is so right, dnt settle for any yeye man (just had to introduce my own word)

doll said...

recently, i had to find out this and deal with all sort of men as well.

Just take your time and dont settle for anything less than what you desire and deserve

P.E.T. Projects said...

No, they've been there all along, your other relationship probably shielded u from them.

I think with time you'll men one whose 'issues'you can deal with. For now, some would annoys u and a few other'll give u something to laugh about.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

lolz men o men they have all always been there...I laugh because I've seen them all but girl do what you got to do and never settle for less than you think you deserve

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