Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Falling for someone not ready to catch you

Never done a Music post before,
I have never been tested in endurance and patience in my entire life as i have these past two months
In my academics, and especially in my heart

God no go give you anything you no go fit deal with....................... na so them talk
the thing wey no fit kill you e go make you strong......  Nneka

My ipod has some particular songs that have been on repeat for a while, they remind me to stay strong no matter what, i thought i should share, so Inspiring, Listen to the Lyrics, Some songs pack so much Hope in Them. Hope you get inspired today just like i have.

 Kelly Rowland- You will Win

Marvin Sapp- The best in Me

Jennifer Hudson- You pulled me through

Marvin Sapp-Praise Him in Advance

 Nneka - Kangpe

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (OST)  Tyler Perry - Father can you hear me

Kirk Franklin -Imagine me

Prince of Egypt [OST] Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey - When you believe

Whenever we are down, he is always there to pull us through, because we are winners, Never ever give in, because just when you think its over, a miracle would rise amidst your problem, you only have to believe.
God sees the best of us even when everyone else around think we amount to nothing, If you keep Praising him even in times of Problems, Your enemies will be confused, God can hear us at all times, he is an ever faithful God, present in times of good and bad, all we have to do, is be free, trust him totally.


Myne Whitman said...

God will certainly push through for you. He is always got our back and ready to catch us at all times.

Love the Kirk Franklin, and Whitney and Mariah..

bob-ij said...

BBB! I haven't seen you in ages. Don't worry babe! God will protect and help his own. Imagine Me is my go-to song as well!

Take care


BBB said...

@myne you are so right

@ij watsup oh, i guess our days of running into each other is over lmao, i should totally come say hi one of these weekends

Hannah said...

Yes sweetie, God wud not give u more than u can bear. Sometimes u may feel like u can't take it anymore but the Lord pulls u thru at the 11th hour.

Whilst u're in it, I want u to smile endlessly, it may be hard but the truth is the storm wud come so u have to find a way to last thru it, there's no avoiding it.

The darker the night, the nearer the morning. U're almost there, dear. "It is well"


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