Monday, March 21, 2011

Being Deep and Overtly Passionate

I have been accused time and time again about reading too much meaning into things and being overly cautious,
They say "you analyze stuff too much"
I am a deep person
I never take things at face value
I am an analyzer and trust me it pays
I always try to read the meaning into things and see what really you are trying to say
The good thing about this is that i always know when things don't add up
when someone is lying and when I'm just been fed bullshit
Whether i choose to accept your bullshit depends on if i feel the advantage of your friendship outweighs the rubbish you are feeding me
My keeping quiet doesn't mean i don't see that your spilling a bag of lies
It just means i love you enough to accept your faults and believe that you have good reason for giving them.
I am hardly ever wrong with my intuition, i always know when something is off cos i listen attentively, go over details even after a convo is over and sieve the facts from lies to the best of my knowledge, i never judge though, i wouldn't confront you about the lie, id just take it into consideration the next time you tell me anything.
When i really feel i am being played i go as far as researching about things i was told online.
I am an extremely passionate person, I love a little more than others, i over-express my feelings and i think sometimes it becomes a little too much for my partner.
Even though i know receiving too much love isn't enough reason for someone to treat me like crap , it really might be enough to chase someone away.
I need to start learning that just cos i love someone and i try to say it and show it every second of the day doesn't mean the person is going to reciprocate in exactly the same way
Some people are a little less expressive but i have the bad habit of freaking out when someone doesn't show love the way i do.
Its something i am working on, trying to reduce my passion, my extra deep way of showing i care and overpowering people with my feelings.
Most people never appreciate it and a lot just think it gives them a free pass to take your feelings for granted.
I might love you but honey that doesn't translate to stupidity, if you have had a conversation with me and you still think i possess even a hint of dumbness then you need deliverance.
When i'm wrong id apologize, i never hold grudges i remember how mad i was after my last breakup and how much i thought at that time id never forgive my ex, but today i speak to him a lot and we kinda reverted to the stage of pre-dating again, that friendship stage, because as deep as i am i realize that even though i could never trust him with my heart, i can trust him with my life, he is dependable and i recognize his good points.
If you hurt me, id hurt for a while and then id let go no one had the power to hold me down and put me in one spot thinking about what you did, after a while you become inconsequential.
I'm sorry about the randomness of this post
Someone spewed me a bundle of lies and decided to act self-righteous about it.
I'm ranting a lot this morning.

PS: This is my 98th Post pretty close to the 100th now, i havent received any idea on what to talk about on the video blog so i am completely clueless, if i dnt get any by the 100th i'd either wing it or just type out a written post, pls send any ideas or comments to, or dm me or leave them as comments, thanks :*


LadyNgo said...

I am literally the exact same way except i've already learned (just recently actually) not as passionate and that not everyone is going to appreciate/reciprocate it. But somebody will someday ;)

Harry Itie said...

I can be extremely passionate too and you don't want to see me when I am like that....

Pls do a video... I like when bloggers make videos...don't ask me why


Lara said...

This is more like a description of me.

Just talk about anything that you would love to share with us....looking forward to the video

Tisha said...

I am e- for emotional
not changing
i am done trying to.

Forget about the person who told the lies and move on to more important things.

Fani.Edas said...

first time on ur it.. and i totally agree with @tisha...some people are not worth the unnecessary heartache and people would continue to hate whether or not u do the right/wrong things and please dont feel the need to explain ur actions to people..u are ur own person..if they dont like it, well ADIOS!!!.

Myne Whitman said...

I want a video too, talk about life, school, love, whatever you would've written out. :)

Dith said...

talk abt the advantages and disadvantages of a long distance relationship. lool

Dith said...

I am pretty much d same way except I also find it hard to let things go whether I love u or not.

BSNC said...

Rant away jor. At least it makes you feel a little bit better. Video! video!! video!!! lol

The Corner Shop said...

Lol! Sometimes it is stressful to over-analyze oh! Videos are kinda scary oh. But it's your blog :D Rant about stuff like you wrote right here


BBB said...

@ladyNgo i am holding on to that with my whole heart
@harry oya spill whats ur hidden agenda
@lara id try my best, i think i may have bitten more than i can chew this time hehehehe
@tisha being emotional and passionate use to be a good thing oh wonder when we crossed that line *sigh*
@fani thanks for stopping by :) and u are totally right, lifes too short
@mynewhitman thanks i guess i could do that
@dith holding on to hurt will just keep u in one spot, i learnt that the hard way, best to let go
@BSNC hmm madam long time no see, u want video ehn, anonymous u, see ur mouth
@the corner shop, thanks for stopping by love the video is beginning to terrify me sef lol

LohiO said...

I told myself a LONG time ago never to be passionately in love/like with anybody till the day I meet my husband...that way I don't even have room for all this b.s...

Mikki A. said...

Lol..This is funny in a sad way...
What is the world coming to?

Looking forward to your 100th Post.

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