Monday, May 23, 2011

This is Ground Zero

I finally got there, you know, GROUND ZERO.
My lowest point
I finally hit that mark where i have no choice but to re-evaluate my position in life
So many opportunities available to me, and i chose to use none,
Forgetting all my plans
everything i know i can be
everything i want to be
Relationship wise
I have hit groundzero in all aspects

HI, My name is Laurenta
I am currently a grad student in a tiny city in Canada
Been here 6months
First semester is over and now im in my Second.
Ive been through a whole lot this past year.
But we arent here to talk about my past, this is a new beginning
this is groundzero, the only way to go is UP
I am currently single with no hope of a boyfriend in sight

I have sooooo many plans and dreams and aspirations
and somewhere along the line i AM going to accomplish them.
I currently have no best friends, i am what you'd call the perfect stereotype for the single lonely young girl
so this blog is going to be my friend, logging my climb from point zero to rediscovering who I am.
Today is a new day.
........ Ive found a new life

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doll said...

welcome to blogsvile girl

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