Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friends with Benefit

Somewhere along the line in todays world i have obviously gotten lost
Yesterday i heard this gist that totally blew me away
apparently a friend of mine was asking this babe out
been chasing her for a while
pretty decent guy, cute and well grounded ,
anyways babe finally agrees and they start dating and a week into it he sees her with another guy
confronts her and she tells him she didnt really mean she'd be his girlfriend
she actually wanted then to be friends with benefit
he says he isnt interested in that and breaks it off.
Dude is 22 and this girl is an 18 year old rat
an 18year old girl wanting a guy for sex
what type of world are we living in
when did sex lose its meaning and turn to something casual for a young girl like that
when did women become the ones interested in casual sex.
I am 22years old and i cannot have sex without emotions involved
i cannot sleep with someone i donot love or at least have deceived myself that i love.

What the hell is friends with benefits.
a dude that is just screwing you for the fun of it?
really if you are that filled with konji get a vibrator or something
what baffles me the most is that  its the girl that wanted it.
she was gonna keep seeing other guys and still be sleeping with him
i dont get that logic
Can someone explain to me why anyone would want that
you have the option to date a great guy but u decide that he is good just for sex?
i must still be living in the nineties or something
Pls tell me am i the one that is reading too much into this?
Forget the moral implications of this
Why would anyone willingly want to share her body with different guys?

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thanks for reading.


H said...

Iranu....absolute nonsense
#thatisall for now

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

I call it a low self esteem no girl in her right mind will want to be distributing herself as candy to every guy that comes her way

LadyNgo said...

This one is old news sha. we are living in a world where it has become necessary to discuss safe sex with elementary school kids (at least in the US and UK).

Anywho, I gotta ask, is the girl actually sleeping with these other guys or just the "F-W-B"? Also she might not see that guy as decent or relationship worthy. That's her choice. She might just want a warm body to keep her company until she finds someone with whom she wants to be with completely. Who knows. Either way, i say "do you boo boo" lol. If she wants to sleep around, that her business, in my opinion. As long as she is ready and willing to deal with any consequences that may come with such choices.

BBB said...

@LadyNgo, she is sleeping with them all oh, she doesnt want to be tied to anyone guy, just decided that they could remain friends and still have sex
i see your point, its her life abi, live and let live shikena

@H and @miss yellow sisi, those are my thoughts on this as well,, arrant nonsense

Natural Nigerian said...

This is really sad. However, my attitude is pretty much that of Lady Ngo. I cannot drink another person's panadol.

Omoregee said...

I am with is arrant iranu!

Sex is not meant for every Tom, Dick n Harry.....she probably has commitment issues. Mschew! Girls like that they fall my hand.

Tisha said...

her brains are screwed up
she's messed up psychologically!

The Corner Shop said...

18 and into friends with benefits?! :o I blame her parents >:|


BBB said...

@tisha lol my exactly, someone said she must be posessed lwkmd
@the cornershop, she is definitely lacking some discipline
@omoregee heheheh iranu #gbam
@naturally nigerian its still sad though

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