Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When did we start doing the Chasing

So i spoke to a friend of mine yesterday about how the rapid rise in men that take women for granted was beginning to piss me off and his response was that i should start looking behind at the men chasing me and forget the ones in front of me.

Apparently according to him, Men are getting extinct and right now we have a ratio of about 6 females to 1 male *unvalidated fact*, hence you do not have to like a guy, just find a guy that really likes you and try to like him back, his theory lays with the fact that the guy that you probably really like or love maybe is being chased by lots of other women, YES i said chased, apparently we have become the hunters in today's society.
Men on the other hand have lots of women after them, there are four basic features that men have that turn them to prey in our eyes
- Handsome
- Money
- Humor
- Intellect
Having all four will place a guy way above your reach, because most girls would be after him too and hence the attention you are giving him is just one out of many.
Having three outta four is also an issue a dude that is handsome has money and is funny, or has money is funny and an intellectual , or is handsome, funny and an intellectual is a really dangerous combo most guys with those end up  either treating girls like crap knowingly or unknowingly because no matter who gets hurt and leaves there are 5 more girls still there, remember the 6:1 stat?

So according to my friend women should stop chasing the guys ahead of us and look at those behind us, you know the ones with just one or two of the above mentioned characteristics and take it from there, maybe with you there he would develop the third or fourth, NOTE here that a guy that is worwor will be worwor no matter what you do, lol, but i guess his style could change and then make him more attractive after all seal is married to heidi *cough*

So apparently women out there who are showing love to a particular guy thinking that it will set them off from other girls should remember that you have 5 other women doing the exact same thing to them. The things you have seen in the guy that's making you go gaga for him have also been seen by the other 5 women and so you are in constant competition with them.

Ladies here is my advice , errr forget the guys ahead of you that are filled with shakara and manage that one behind you that has been pursuing since forever *cough* i don talk my own.
Leave the guys ahead for me :p

PS.  its been decided that I'd do a video log, for my 100th post, send any question you might have to, or if i follow you on twitter you can dm me @happybbb, or you can send me a tweet to follow you, pls state that you are from my blog.or leave your question as a comment.


LohiO said...

LMAO! ehnnn is that so? When you follow the guy behind you, holla, I'll do mine after..:)

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

LOL....And you know what ehn? your friend is kinda right. Many girls are chasing unavailable men meanwhile they have other dudes begging to lick their feet. Na wah oh. The huntee becomes the I d love to see a video blog!!!

Just...Toluwa said...

"and leave the one in front for you" abi? lol!

Chai, as much as i try, i cant fit look!

Myne Whitman said...

It's better not to settle o, lol, that last line was so funny.

Looking forward to the vlog..

Omoregee said...

I love this post.

I agree with Myne, it is better not to settle but there is wisdom in all you have said......

wale said...

funny ... and true too. I mean, i can faff around now, knowing I have all four qualities. but I still chased my girlfriend tho' - well, i must've 'fall' the hand of guys in my league.

H said...


Abeg, there's no settling whatsoever. It's better not to chase anyone at all, behind or in front and wait for Mr. Right to come knocking, in the mean time, u wuda been preparing urself for his chase...:)

Lara said...

na wah for this chasing business oh, so now na to just follow the one wey dey chase you from back. Okay, we don hear oh.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

lol na only front and back how about left and right?...although your friend is kind of right too many women chasing the same guy which result to an effort wasted...congrat on the 100th and waiting for the vlog

Good Naija Girl said...

The ending made me giggle! I don't recommend chasing sha, or lowering standards because of too much competition...just be yourself and make sure what you're seeking is realistic and the right guy for you will come around, though maybe not in the same package you expected. It's all about knowing what is worth settling for and what is not.

I'm not sure why but looks have never been so high on my's one thing that the individual has so little control over (barring plastic surgery) so I can't get so attached to a person's looks.

LadyNgo said...

LMAO @ the ending. I will continue to "chase" the guy ahead or at least to my left/right as Yellow Sisi Unspoken says. Abeg, the only wasted "chase" is after the man that clearly doesn't feel the same way u do too lol. If those stats were true, even the person behind u sef has someone chasin them o!

Tisha said...

lol @ "Leave the guys ahead for me"

Sweetie apart from the fact that the fact is not validated.

What does God say?

Living a happy married life is more important to me than getting hooked. Who dey house is more important to me than the fact that there is somemone in the house.

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