Monday, May 30, 2011

u seem like a Friend beside me

I am so proud of the way things have been going since i started getting my life back in order,
Ive been taking the right decisions, facing my problems head on, keeping myself occupied and generally making this the best summer ever.
School is going awesome,
I'm looking for a summer job, going to get my resume appraised by a career counselor next week, I'm thinking that's why i haven't gotten a job yet.
My resume is probably too Nigerian.
If i can get a job before the end of this month, maybe  i wouldn't have to move into  my friends house and i can pay for my apartment through the summer
even though moving in with her would help me save money to finance all the plenty plenty trips i have planned this summer.
Life is great
thinking the next goal i should set would be too get my act together with God,
i kinda left him behind in the month of March when i was going through a mini heartbreak.

I have cut down majorly on carbs, MAJORLY, trying to survive on animal and plant proteins more, and include carbs small small.
My energy level is really low, and going to the gym isn't helping matters.
HEHEHEHEH it is well
So On man issue
there are a few lurking in the corners, none of them my ideal guy and none of them particularly serious.
I want to buy a guitar and learn to play before the summer is over, its the one thing i am going to invest good money in this summer,
That and a blackberry playbook.
*huge grin*
starting to save up, my gym membership ate well into that savings but if i get a job i should be able to buy the guitar at the end of June hopefully, *fingers crossed*

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