Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Next Step

OK, so contrary to my last post, i have actually been doing something the past 4months.
Lets call it operation Discover Alice.

Ive found out about Myself A LOT!!!!
who i am
and what id like to do with my life
well that is until i change my mind again
Right now its a good stepping stone.

Most of you do not know, i got into the Computer Networking path in 2007, i was just 19, that's when i took the CCNA, i had perfect scores *and i didn't use dumps* :)
Getting into Grad school, Ive been a little misplaced in priorities, not deciding if i wanted to continue on the networking path or go towards the mobile technology paths
The courses i took last during the winter semester kinda confused me, and totally messed up my brain.
Right now though I'm set again.
Plan is to
- Research on the emerging technologies in the networking world, read about them, practice and get myself competitive
- Research on leading executives in the networking world, read as much biographies as i can, and see how they did it.
- Get an internship in a good networking environment for the summer so i can get some industry experience.
- Complete my Masters and start on my CCIE immediately.

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'Lara said...

All the best with the future plan.

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